Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My very own brand-timeline!

So here I am going through my Facebook like I do once every few hours. Ok, ok, so it’s every half an hour – bite me! :) Anyhow, so on my Facebook landing page I see that a friend of mine’s posted a webpage. Me being the cat that curiosity killed, had to look up the link. So I did. :)

At first it seemed merely interesting. Someone setting out a timeline and enlisting logos of brands (of products) they use on a daily basis. My first thought was: gee, someone’s got a lot of time at hand! And as went through the blog and the timeline itself, I realized that I was making a mental list of all the brands that I use in a day!

It’s addictive, I tell you. And more than merely a brilliant idea, I might add.

I’m not gonna steal Jane’s thunder here. I suggest you take a look at her blog and see what a cult following it’s got now. :) And it’s picked up more readers in a few days than it has in the past year, from what I read on someone else’s blog!

Now, me being the tech-idiot, will not have a fancy looking timeline like she does, or like the millions of other guys who’ve posted links on her blog have, but it’s an honest attempt.

And of course, you can read Jane’s blog at:

The actual time for the use of each brand usually varies from a weekday to a weekend, but essentially, the brands remain the same. :) Toh without further ado, I present to you my very own brand-timeline!

Morning alarm, thanks to me phone and off to the loo in slippers!

Then in the loo, which isn't quite that pleasant, so I'll keep the details to myself.

I tend to get quite annoying with details, but ah well! Once outta the loo , I tend to use these brands quite often.

Now that the transformation from the ugly-duckling to a homo-sapien look-alike has happened, me peers into the closet and gets ready to walk outta the house (if on a weekday), to run out lest I miss my cab, grabbing my glass of milk on my way out. In this flash, these are the logos I come in contact with...

Next I'm at work (on a weekday, of course)...and this is gonna a biggie! Since I spend most of my time at work, I come across most brands here. Here are some of the brands that I could think of. I'm sure I'll slap myself later for forgetting dozens of others!

The next set of logos is a bit of a mix of work-place and home.

And last, but not the least (till the time I remember the others, that is!), is this set, when I go to the gym *wince*.

So, there you have it! My personal brand-timeline!

Thanks again, Jane, for this ingenious idea!

I have a strong feeling that this post will need further updates... :)


anamika said...

now this is interesting. i'd never paid attention to brand-names in everyday life. 'nice job done!' to the person who came up with this. there's this teeny tiny confusion i have though... what in the world is Baskin & Robbins doing during your gym time? :D

Silverglee said...


Ab itna work out karne ke baad I deserve a little treat, don't I? :P Bus, usi ke liye hai B&R.

I *sooooooooo* knew you'd pick up on that! LOL!