Monday, May 04, 2009

Evidence of the existence of wackos

Yes, I hereby present to you a collection of pictures (not taken by yours truly) that confirm the fact that, जी हाँ, there are weirdo's out there. One's writing this blog, but hey, who's counting, eh? :P

None of these pictures were taken by me, but I'll admit, they've inspired me to get my oh-so-amazing point-and-shoot camera outta it's case and well, point and shoot, basically! :o)

If any of you come across the original source of these pictures, lemme know so I can put the source. The one source that I do remember is:

To give you a quick update on what, why, who, huh(?), sorry, I do tend to get carried away! So yeah, to give you an idea of what I was doing online when I came across these pics...I was doing absolutely jack-shit. गधे की टट्टी as one would. But without getting into the disgusting side of things, which I very well tend to as is obvious from the first picture on this post, I'd like to take you through some of these pictures.

Some of these are classic proof-reading disasters, while some are astoundingly in you-face, that make you take a moment and say to yourself: That's insanely brilliant; why on earth could I not have thought of that?!?

It's splendid how the human mind works. Or in some cases, doesn't.

Sucked off...that's an interesting way of putting things in perspective. Hmmm...

Yeah, I mean, WTF is with that store???

Talk about being specific, eh? Question though, what would fall under the realm of 'nothing-ness'? I've always wondered.

And what do you suggest I take with me down there, a squirt bottle?

Now, these wackos I liiiiike!

And now that we've got the instructions clear and outta the way, let's enter the premises, shall we?

Innovative "No Smoking" sign, wouldn't you say? :)

For those who can understand Hindi but can't read the script, the sign says: Apne jooton ka dhyaan khud rakhein.

The translation is classic. :)

Ooookay then.


Um, we're sorry too, I guess. :P

Right-ho! I'll just head that way then!

I see 'moving with the times' is something the Church has picked up on. :)

Retrieve the objects or the crocodiles? :P

Well, hold your horses, cuz this chick's coming in!

I'm quite literally speechless!!!

Got a point there, mate!


I had no idea such signs existed!


Stupidosaur said...

Oh I think I got it! Maybe you got it too and were just being sarcastic (like Hey why the heck do they need such a publicity stunt!). But just in case you truly did not get it, tilt your head 90 degrees to the left.
WTF actually looks like THE!

So its THE MAC STORE written in an attention grabbing way!

Silverglee said...

hehehe! Yup, got that a while ago! :)

Have millions of other such random pictures to put up...will do that soon!