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Sunday, May 31, 2009

52 Reasons Why I Love You!

Having clearly and openly ripped off the idea from someone else, I went ahead to create my own set of 52 reasons why I love my fiancé. :)

Initially I’d thought of making this bit of craft for Valentine’s Day, but then I realized that it would hold a lot more significance if I made it for the our one year anniversary of the day we’d first met.

It was interesting, because my fiancĂ© had been planning a few things for us on our special day and as it happened, none of them materialized! That bummed him out quite a bit, but hey, as they say, it’s the thought that counts!

So instead of doing what he had planned for us, we decided to go for a nice little Italian lunch and then just hang out at a mall – probably the only thing one can do in Dubai! Post lunch, I told him I wanted to grab a coffee, but that I wanted to sit down and have coffee as opposed to moving around. And that isn’t quite me…so I’m surprised he didn’t pick up on the ‘why’ bit. In his defence, it did strike him a later when I finally handed over the deck of cards to him! :P

Now I was thinking of how to introduce the whole thing. And I’d been thinking about it for sometime now, but when the time actually came for me to do it, I wasn’t sure how to start! Not that he noticed, considering that he was utterly clueless! So there I sat, looking him in the eye…the conversation that followed was so:

Me : So, *ahem* we’ve known each other a year to the day, eh?

Him : Um-hmm.

Me : Isn’t it awesome how quickly time’s flown by?

Him : Yup…it was a year ago that we’d met and we’re getting married in a month’s time!

Me : Yeah! Wow…! So, then, one year…God, how many weeks are there in a year?

Him : 52.

Me : Nooooooo! Really? Shit, I’ve known you for 52 weeks??? Wow... *flabbergasted expression on face*

Him : *nodding and smiling*

Me : *amazed look on face, shaking head* 52 long weeks. So what do you think, on an average, let’s say, if we were to think about it…would you say you and I have learnt one new thing about each other every week? No?

Him : Oh God! Now please don’t ask me to tell you 52 things I’ve learnt about you in the past year!

Me : *digging into bag, looking distracted, purposely* Hmmm…? Ok…fine, I won’t. But how about… *handing over deck of cards to him* …I tell you 52 reasons why I love you as much as I do?

Him : *deer-headlight expression*

Of course, we had to get the paramedics to get his foot outta his mouth. :P

Hmmm…I thought I’d post pictures of the finished product here. I’d like to say that some of the pictures and captions are direct rip offs from a number of websites! The one that gave me inspiration initially is:

As and how I keep coming across others, I'll keep putting them here. For instance, the following are the ones I came across after I'd finalized this blog. These might give you ideas on how to go about and even a start-up suggestion as to what your 'reasons' could be:

But during the course of my research, I came across a number of other ones from where I got ideas of what kind of pictures to use and what captions might go well. So, apart from a few originals, most a rip offs. But the feeling still remains true. :)

Here goes:

Kick starting the preparations can see the text print outs. Tried to save paper by cramming in as many one page as I could. Try extending the margins on Word, that does the trick.

And here are the corresponding pictures. Same paper-saving technique. Another tip, should you want it - try to put the black and white pictures on one page, so you don't waste colored ink on them.

He does. :)

Had him smelling his arm-pits when he came to this card! :P

To be honest, I am quite goofy (if you didn't get that!)!!

This Bollywood celebrity has an award (yes, really!) for being the worst dressed man in the industry! :)

Oh God...he just doesn't let things go. Yes, I do love that about him! :)

That reads: Your love for India.

I laugh like a demented fool with my eyes closed! And he makes me roll over in laughter all the time! :)

I love the print out caption. Bulls eye! :)

I could hear him sing all day. And he wouldn't be shy about it - he could easily sing for me all the time! *awww* :)

That sign reads:

Warning - Really BAD music has been detected on your computer. Man - it really stinks. Please correct this problem. Do you want to listen to some better music now?

Self explanatory, I hope. :P

2-4 hours in a gym everyday. 'nuff said!

He's really cute that way! :)

Complete opposite when it comes to me, I finally got him to read a novel. Had to get him started with something that interested him - cricket! :) First book he read in yeeeeeeears, and one that wasn't on his syllabus. :P


Hell yeah! :)

I have an opinion on most things in life. And extreme opinions, usually. He understand me, is all I can really say.


Yup, Rapunzel's Bungee Jump. :P

Like you wouldn't believe!!!


The caption on the cartoon reads:

Despite Eric's best efforts, no one guessed 'Bangkok'.


His favorite annoying technique - constant poking and asking, "Are we there yet?"

Drives me insane!!! :D

Am marrying the guy, so, duh, right? :)


Him and his English accent..."con't". :P

And it makes me melt! :)

He does know how to lift me up when I'm down. :)

Ok, so that's a lie. But it was a good thought. :P

122 photographs in less than an hour during the Dubai Bike Show 2009. And he was so patient while I took them pictures, and went gaga over each bike! And a few bikers! :P

This is me giving credit where it's due.


Oh, he talks about his feelings! :)


His mood depends on the performance of the Indian Cricket Team / Delhi Daredevils! I kid you not.

Laaaauing the monkeys! :P

Um...yeah. Really.

Maine Pyaar Kiya according to him is the ultimate romance movie. Yes, ultimate. :)





He did. And made me tear. :) I'm a ridiculous patriot.

The woman on the chair is holding The Ugly Duckling story book.

And the caption underneath says:

What about Botox?

Love the picture! :P

Trust me on this one.


Sharpei...his absolutely favourite. :)

Caption reads:

Is it can be hugs tiem now plees?

He's the most adorable guy that way.

More so cuz I figure out what he's upto even before he does it! But I play along. :P

Actually, that should say "wannabe desi inside"! :P

Classic. :)

Homer's too tempting to not-include! :)

Drives me up the wall with his lack-of-punctuality!

The fonts around the heart actually spell out our names - on the left it spells ROHIT and on the right SWATI. Just a depiction of how he completes me.

'tis true. :)

Again, not an original idea, but one that'll blow his/her socks off.

Good luck with your 52 reasons, if you decide to make 'em. :)